Laura Muetieles

Dr. Laura V. Mustieles Orozco, MD

TITLE: Doctor
SPECIALTY: Family Medicine
SUBTITLE: Doctor of Medicine, MD

At a very young age, Dr. Laura Mustieles used to accompany his father, who is an ENT, to her clinic days. Since then, she knew she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. Dr. Mustieles earned her Medical Degree from La Universidad de Zulia, in Maracaibo, Venezuela. After graduating, Dr. Mustieles worked for a year in a rural setting, where she had the chance to work as the only attending physician in the outpatient center.

During that time, she treated patients of different ages and socioeconomic status. Dr. Mustieles had the opportunity to follow them until their recovery enriching her decision of becoming a Family Medicine Doctor. Being able to follow up throughout the life of a patient is priceless for to her. Dr. Mustieles would like to keep treating a broad spectrum of diseases that could be treated in the family medicine environment.

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