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  • School Based Health Centers

Healthcare in the School

School-based health centers are more than just a school nurse. They are a comprehensive approach to caring for our students. If children are healthy, they will learn more, stay in school and cut down on absentee rates. It is a holistic concept aimed at educating our students.

In this economy, there are critical gaps in access to health care for many families. With soaring health care costs, school-based health centers have become a valuable community resource. Community Health of South Florida Inc.’s school-based health centers have efficient and cost-effective services that bridge the gap, keeping our children strong, healthy and ready to learn.

With the recent outbreaks of tragic violence in our nation’s schools, mental health is now finally being recognized as a major need that communities have to address in order to keep our children safe.

Community Health of South Florida Inc. (CHI) has a team of health care professionals tending to each issue affecting children at its 36 school-based health centers.

Four of the 36 school-based health care centers are on the cutting edge of technology with telemedicine units installed for doctors at another location to virtually see a student via the computer, diagnose and even prescribe medications.

Services that are beyond the scope of the school-based health centers are referred out to other CHI health centers equipped with a wide array of services including radiology, pharmacy and much more, all under one roof.


Medical Care

  • Comprehensive health assessment
  • Diagnosis of presenting health problems
  • Treatment/management of identified or presenting problems
  • Emergency/First-Aid
  • OB/GYN
  • Prescriptions

Preventative Health Services and Risk Management

  • Immunizations
  • Well child screening
  • Anticipatory guidance/counseling
  • Nutrition counseling and weight management
  • Vision and hearing screening
  • Tuberculin skin testing

Behavioral Health

  • Intake and assessment
  • Children’s outpatient therapy
  • Case management
  • Crisis assessment/intervention
  • Substance abuse counseling and coordination of referrals to primary
  • health care services
  • Parenting skills training
  • Education and prevention services
  • Consultation and collaboration with school personnel and appropriate
  • community agencies


  • Urine tests, dipstick and glucose
  • Other labs drawn and sent to reference laboratory/Dental
  • Basic exam
  • Dental Cleanings
  • Single Fillings
  • SealantsHealth Education/Promotion
  • One-on-one health education
  • Group targeted education
  • Family and community health education
  • Health Fairs/Outreach
  • Support for comprehensive health education in the classroom in such areas as: intentional and unintentional injury prevention, nutrition, social skills development, conflict resolution, chronic conditions (i.e. asthma), and oral health

Support for comprehensive health education in the classroom in such areas as

  • Intentional and unintentional injury prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Social skills development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Chronic conditions (i.e. asthma), and oral health

Convenient Locations for School-Based Services

Avocado Elementary

16929 SW 294th Avenue
Homestead, FL 33030

 (305) 247-4942

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Bent Tree Elementary School

4861 SW 140th Avenue
Miami, FL 33175

 (395) 221-0461

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Bowman Ashe / Doolin K-8 Lower Academy

6001 SW 152nd Ave
Miami, FL 33193

 (305) 386-6667

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Bowman Ashe Doolin / Upper

6401 SW 152nd Ave
Miami, FL 33193

 (305) 238-6110

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Bowman Ashe/Dolin K-8 Academy

6601 SW 152nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33193

 (305) 386-6667 Ext 237

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Campbell Drive K-8 Center

15790 SW 307th Street
Leisure City, FL 33033

 (305) 245-0270

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Colonial Drive Elementary

10755 SW 160th Street
Miami, FL 33157

 (305) 238-2392

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Dorothy Wallace Cope South

10225 SW 147th Terrace
Miami, FL 33176

 (305) 253-8073

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Cutler Bay Middle

19400 Gulfstream Rd
Miami, FL 33157

 (305) 235-4761

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Dante B. Fiscella Elementary School

15625 SW 80th Street
Perrine, FL 33193

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Dr. Henry E. Perrine Academy of the Arts

8851 SW 168th Street
Perrine, FL 33157

 (395) 378-8184

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Dr. William A. Chapman Elementary

27190 SW 140th Avenue
Homestead, FL 33032

 (305) 245-1055

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Florida City Elementary

364 NW 6th Avenue
Florida City, FL 33034

 (305) 247-4676

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Gateway Environmental K-8 Learning Center

955 SE 18th Avenue
Homestead, FL 33035

 (305) 257-6000

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G. Holmes Braddock High School

3601 SW 147th Avenue
Miami, FL 33185

 (305) 225-9729

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Goulds Elementary School

23555 SW 112th Street
Miami, FL 33032

 (305) 257-4400

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Herbert A. Ammons Middle School

17475 SW 157th Ave
Miami, FL 33187

 (305) 971-0158

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Homestead Middle

650 NW 2nd Ave.
Homestead, FL 33030

 (305) 247-4221

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Homestead Senior High

2351 SE 12th Ave.
Homestead, FL 33034

 (305) 245-7000

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Howard D. McMillan Middle

13100 SW 59th St.
Miami, FL 33183

 (305) 385-6877

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Irving & Beatrice Peskoe K-8 Center

29035 SW 144th Ave.
Homestead, FL 33033

 (305) 242-8340

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Jane S. Roberts K-8 Center

15900 SW 56th St.
Miami, FL 33185

 (305) 220-8254

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John Ferguson Senior High School

15900 SW 56th St.
Miami, FL 33185

 (305) 408-2700

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Leisure City K-8 Center

14950 SW 288th St.
Homestead, FL 33033

 (305) 247-5431

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas Elementary Primary Learning Center (PLC)

650 NW 132nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33184

 (305) 222-4822

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas Elementary School

11901 SW 2nd St.
Miami, FL 33184

 (305) 226-4356

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Miami Southridge Senior High School

19355 SW 114 Ave.
Miami, FL 33157

 (305) 386-6656

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Paul W. Bell Middle School

11800 NW 2nd St.
Miami, FL 33182


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Royal Green Elementary

13047 SW 47th St.
Miami, FL 33175

 (305) 221-4452

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Robert Russa Moton Elementary School

18050 Homestead Ave.
Perrine, FL 33157

 (305) 235-3612

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South Dade Senior High

28401 SW 167th Ave.
Homestead, FL 33030

 (305) 247-4244

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Southwood Middle

16301 SW 80th Ave.
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

 (305) 251-5361

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Redondo Green Elementary

18480 SW 304th St.
Homestead, FL 33030

 (305) 247-5943

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West Homestead K-8 Center

1550 SW 6th St.
Homestead, FL 33030

 (305) 248-0812

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Zora Neale Hurston Elementary

13137 SW 26th St.
Miami, FL 33175

 (305) 222-8152

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