Gabriella R. Edington, MD

TITLE: Psychiatrist
SPECIALTY: Behavioral Health
SUBTITLE: Psychiatrist
LOCATION: Doris Ison Health Center

Dr. Edington is a medical resident in the Psychiatry Residency Program in the Brodes H. Hartley Jr. Teaching Health Center at CHI. Dr. Edington has always had a passion for mental health. Having witnessed persons close to her struggle with mental illness, it became a mission of hers to help others with mental illnesses to better understand their condition and receive the support that they need. She believes that extending compassion to ourselves and others is a crucial step towards healing our communities.

Dr. Edington received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Florida and her medical degree from Florida State University College of Medicine. While in medical school, Dr. Edington had the opportunity to work with patients from a variety of backgrounds and it was during this time that she developed a love for serving underserved populations.

Raised in Florida, Dr. Edington is excited to continue her training in the Sunshine State and is eager to serve the Miami-Dade community. She is also thrilled to be pursuing her dream of becoming a psychiatrist as she greatly enjoys encouraging and empowering her patients to never lose hope. In her free time, Dr. Edington enjoys playing guitar and watching soccer.

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