Dr. Linda Zambrana

Linda Zambrana, MD

TITLE: Doctor
SPECIALTY: Family Medicine
SUBTITLE: Doctor of Medicine, MD
LOCATION: Martin Luther King Jr. Clinica Campesina Health Center
LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

Dr. Linda Zambrana is the medical director for the Martin Luther King/Clinica Campesina Health Center. The family medicine doctor has been with CHI since 2003. She is passionate about caring for her patients and helping them live their best lives. Although she was born in the United States, she received her medical degree in 1988 from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua.

A year later, she returned to the United States in order to continue her passion for working in the medical field. She passed the examinations required to work as a registered medical sonographer in 1992 and became a physician assistant in 1993.

Dr. Zambrana provided medical care to patients as a physician assistant until June 2000. By then, she had already completed all the tests required to practice medicine in the United States. This allowed her to start residency training to become a board-certified family medicine physician.

After graduating in 2003, she became part of the medical team at Community Health of South Florida Inc. Since then, Dr. Zambrana has been working joyfully providing what she likes the most: helping patients from different cultures to be healthy and giving them the extra mile on medical and emotional support.

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