Marnelle B. Chery, MD

TITLE: Doctor
SPECIALTY: Behavioral Health
SUBTITLE: Doctor of Medicine, MD
LOCATION: Doris Ison Health Center

Dr. Marnelle B. Chery earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from the American University of Antigua and completed her undergraduate studies at The University of South Florida.

 While completing her clinical rotations, she became fascinated with the intricate complexities of the human mind and the impact that mental health has on individuals. The ability to form meaningful connections with patients and help them navigate their emotional well-being inspired Dr. Chery to dedicate her career to this field.

As a first-generation Haitian American, Dr. Chery embraces her cultural heritage and understands the unique challenges faced by immigrant communities. This has fueled her determination to bridge gaps in mental healthcare and advocate for equitable access to treatment for all individuals.

Born in the vibrant city of Miami, Dr. Chery cherishes her work to help patients live their best lives.

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