White Coat Captions

From left to right Dr. Elizabeth Philippe, Program Director and Assistant DIO, watches as Brodes H. Hartley, Jr., President/CEO, presents new resident, Dr. Ludonir Sebastiany with his white coat. Dr. Saint Anthony Amofah, Sr. VP, DIO, CMO, CAO looks on.

From left to right Dr. Elizabeth Philippe, Program Director and Assistant DIO and Brodes H. Hartley, Jr., President/CEO presents new resident Dr. Patchouco Theodore with his white coat.

From left to right front row: Psychiatry Resident, Dr. Janny Mesa; Dr. Abiona Redwood, Family Medicine Program Instructor; Dr. Saint Anthony Amofah, Sr. VP, DIO, CMO, CAO; Family Medicine Resident, Dr. Slabine Menelas; Dr. Tamara Wright, Family Medicine Instructor; Dr. Elizabeth Philippe, Program Director and Assistant DIO; Family Medicine Resident, Dr. Patchouco Theodore.

From left to right back row: Psychiatry Resident , Dr.Frank Ezeh; Family Medicine Resident Dr. Ifeoluwa Balogun; Family Medicine Resident, Dr. Ludonir Sebastiany; Psychiatry Resident, Dr. Tony Abraham.

From left to right: Dr. Frank Ezeh, Dr. Janny Mesa, Dr. Saint Anthony Amofah, Sr. VP, DIO, CMO, CAO, Dr. Tony Abraham. 

President’s Message

This is one of my favorite times of the year as we celebrate all that community health centers bring to our nation and our neighborhoods. National Health Center Week (NHCW) is August 5th through August 10th. During this week we will highlight the mission and strengths of community health centers and the valuable resources that they provide. Health centers play a key role in the health of underserved communities. Community Health of South Florida, Inc. (CHI) has provided more than 1,200 jobs and cared for nearly 83,000 patients. Almost 65 percent of those patients are low income.

Each day of National Health Center Week we will shine the light on different areas in which community health centers have made tremendous strides. Some of those areas include healthcare for the homeless, for agricultural workers, healthcare for children and much more.

This is also the time of the year when summer is coming to a close and children prepare to start a new and fulfilling school year. That’s why CHI is hosting school physical days in Monroe County on August 10th and in Miami-Dade County on August 17th. Physicals are just $35, sports physicals are $35 without an EKG and with an EKG a sports physical is $50. Of course, most of that is covered under insurance. But you don’t have to wait until those dedicated dates. You can come in and get the same rates leading up to the start of school. Make sure to bring your child’s immunization forms.

I would like to encourage you and your family to become an advocate for the growth and progression of health centers. Visit www.hcadvocacy.org/takeaction/ to learn more about ways to get involved. On this site you can contact your senator or representative to express your opinion on the urgent issues and legislation that affect funding of community health centers. Become the voice that will help cultivate the culture of advocacy around the country by becoming informed with different tools created to endorse the pivotal responsibility of our health centers.

Finally get ready to roll the dice and join us for an evening of winners. The CHI Foundation is hosting Casino Night on Saturday, September 7, 2019 at Christ the King Lutheran Church Hall. The event is always a blast with delicious food, drinks and casino games, all for a great cause.

As many of you know, CHI is working on constructing a Children’s Crisis Center to provide children with short term, residential, intensive behavioral health treatment. For more information on tickets and ways to become an event sponsor visit www.chisouthfl.org/casino/. It is important that we as a community help our youth suffering from mental roadblocks that affect not only their present, but their future as well.


Brodes H. Hartley Jr.

President and CEO

Oral Health


When the Community Health of South Florida, Inc. (CHI) mobile dental trailer rolls up to a school or summer camp, the end result is a beautiful smile for children. CHI recently received a grant of nearly $180,000 from the Children’s Trust to provide preventative dental care to an estimated 1,800 students ranging in ages from 3 to 13.

Many working parents often have to balance a difficult dilemma – risk-taking a day off from work and losing a day’s pay to take their children to the dentist for cleanings, sealants or oral exams. With this grant, CHI is able to alleviate that stress by going directly to schools and summer camps. Parents sign a consent form in advance and do not have to be present when the exams take place. It’s a win-win for parents and their children.

“It’s a much-needed service,” said Dr. Sheri Watson-Hamilton, Dental Director at CHI. “And that’s why we’re here.”

According to Dr. Watson-Hamilton, her team of dental hygienists has already cared for more than 400 children throughout the Southern end of Miami-Dade County and all the way up to Coconut Grove.

“We explain and show them the importance of brushing and flossing,” she said. “Dental cavities are still a frequent problem because of the sugary drinks and foods kids eat.”

If a child has a more serious issue, then a letter is sent to the parents urging them to make an appointment at a CHI health center.

“Kids’ reactions are mixed, at first, but the results after are always good. They’re happy and they usually feel more confident and comfortable after we sit down and show them how to better care for their teeth,” Dr. Watson-Hamilton said.

More than 10 schools across Miami-Dade will be receiving this service. It is something that the non-profit takes great pride in providing.

“I’m excited about this new opportunity that we have for this community,” said Brodes H. Hartley, Jr., President and CEO of CHI. “As you know, we always try to improve on the services that we provide to the community and take the services to the people. We are not just waiting for people to come to us.”

Graduate 2019


Graduates left to right: Dr. Michael Nilmeier, Family Medicine, Dr. Michael Taylor, Family Medicine, Dr. Urania Davis, OB/GYN, Dr. Christine Dunlop, Family Medicine, Dr. Elkins Guzman, Psychiatry, Dr. David Bohannon, Psychiatry.

Community Health of South Florida, Inc (CHI) graduated its third class of medical residents from its Brodes H. Hartley, Jr. Teaching Health Center. Six physicians finished their residencies in family medicine, psychiatry and OB/GYN.

“I am proud of the progress and growth of our residents as well as the faculty team that continues to guide these young doctors,” said Brodes H. Hartley, Jr., President and CEO. “Your dedication and commitment have surpassed expectations.”

It was an emotional afternoon as graduates and faculty reflected on the journey to get to this point. Long nights, early mornings and intensive studying have helped to mold the graduates into smart, compassionate and devoted doctors.

“I am thankful for the lessons that we have learned along the way,” said Chief Resident, Urania Davis. “Thank you to our attendings who taught us patience, and for setting an example in the way you care for your patients. Thank you for placing a scalpel in my hand when everything inside of me said I couldn’t do it. Thank you for teaching us practical study habits that will make us lifelong learners.”

Dr. Joan St. Onge, Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education at University of Miami Health System, gave the keynote address.

“Look around you. Look at your mentors, your faculty, and your fellow residents,” said Dr. St. Onge. “This is your network. While your network over your career will expand, staying close to this network has a great number of benefits. Do not be afraid to call on your network. No matter how many years have passed. They will be there for you.”

Dr. St. Onge also encouraged the young doctors to think about one of CHI’s founders, Doris Ison. She recognized that there was a critical problem in South Dade, a lack of access to healthcare and set out to change that.

“She was able to get doctors to volunteer their time and at the end was the creation of CHI,” said Dr. St. Onge. “You are part of her legacy.”

Just a few weeks later, that legacy continued as CHI welcomed in its new class of seven residents in family medicine and psychiatry with a white coat ceremony. (See photos on page 3)

“We are so proud of this program because the success that we have experienced in a short time,” said Hartley. “The last two classes to graduate in family medicine all passed their boards at a 100 percent pass rate. That’s exceptional! So we are proud of that and we know you have chosen a quality program.”