Graduate 2019


Graduates left to right: Dr. Michael Nilmeier, Family Medicine, Dr. Michael Taylor, Family Medicine, Dr. Urania Davis, OB/GYN, Dr. Christine Dunlop, Family Medicine, Dr. Elkins Guzman, Psychiatry, Dr. David Bohannon, Psychiatry.

Community Health of South Florida, Inc (CHI) graduated its third class of medical residents from its Brodes H. Hartley, Jr. Teaching Health Center. Six physicians finished their residencies in family medicine, psychiatry and OB/GYN.

“I am proud of the progress and growth of our residents as well as the faculty team that continues to guide these young doctors,” said Brodes H. Hartley, Jr., President and CEO. “Your dedication and commitment have surpassed expectations.”

It was an emotional afternoon as graduates and faculty reflected on the journey to get to this point. Long nights, early mornings and intensive studying have helped to mold the graduates into smart, compassionate and devoted doctors.

“I am thankful for the lessons that we have learned along the way,” said Chief Resident, Urania Davis. “Thank you to our attendings who taught us patience, and for setting an example in the way you care for your patients. Thank you for placing a scalpel in my hand when everything inside of me said I couldn’t do it. Thank you for teaching us practical study habits that will make us lifelong learners.”

Dr. Joan St. Onge, Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education at University of Miami Health System, gave the keynote address.

“Look around you. Look at your mentors, your faculty, and your fellow residents,” said Dr. St. Onge. “This is your network. While your network over your career will expand, staying close to this network has a great number of benefits. Do not be afraid to call on your network. No matter how many years have passed. They will be there for you.”

Dr. St. Onge also encouraged the young doctors to think about one of CHI’s founders, Doris Ison. She recognized that there was a critical problem in South Dade, a lack of access to healthcare and set out to change that.

“She was able to get doctors to volunteer their time and at the end was the creation of CHI,” said Dr. St. Onge. “You are part of her legacy.”

Just a few weeks later, that legacy continued as CHI welcomed in its new class of seven residents in family medicine and psychiatry with a white coat ceremony. (See photos on page 3)

“We are so proud of this program because the success that we have experienced in a short time,” said Hartley. “The last two classes to graduate in family medicine all passed their boards at a 100 percent pass rate. That’s exceptional! So we are proud of that and we know you have chosen a quality program.”