Cultural awareness day photos

Community Health of South Florida, Inc. celebrates the diversity of its staff with cultural awareness day festivities. Employees shared their customs, food, dance, clothing art and more with each other.

Guissella Lozano, Human Resources Clerk, dressed in a traditional Nicaraguan outfit.

The Jamaican team watches and records as a patient sings “One Love,” by Bob Marley.

A balloon drop wrapped up Cultural Awareness Day festivities.

Stilt dancers representing the Bahamas team liven up the crowd.

Columbian dancers twirl around to entertain the crowd. Left to right: Mariana Cardenas-Gil, Health Information Management Specialist, Margarita Sarmiento LPN II Care Coordinator, Sandy Morales, Referral Coordinator.

Dr. Rosalyn Johnson, Coordinator for Therapeutic Services wears a beautiful dress and headwrap representing the African American culture.