CHI Pap Test Interview with Dr. Linda Zambra By Stephanie Almeida

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Title: Doctor/MD

Languages: English, Spanish

Location: Naranja Health Center/Naranja

Dr. Linda Zambra from CHI sat with us to give us a little insight on Pap Tests and the benefits behind them. Dr. Linda Zambra has been a provider at CHI’s Naranja Health Center since 2003 and received her medical degree in 1988 from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. After graduating from her residency in the United States back in 2003, she became part of the medical team at Community Health of South Florida Inc.

Since then, Dr. Zambrana has been working joyfully providing what she enjoys most, helping patients from different cultures be healthy and giving them all the medical and emotional support they need. Here’s what she has to share with us:

Q: Hi Dr. Zambra. Thank you for sitting down with us. So tell us, first off, what is a Pap test?

A: A Pap Test is a test for women, typically done to prevent cervical cancer.

Q: How does a Pap Test work?

A: A patient visits her doctor and her doctor will do the Pap Test through the inside of the vagina where he or she will be collecting a sample of cells from her cervix. The doctor will then send the sample to a lab when the staff will check for abnormal cells.

Q: Why does a woman need a Pap Test?

A: A Pap Test should be done in order to catch any changes in the cells that may lead to cervical cancer. Pap Tests save lives. When done at an appropriate time in a woman’s life, doctors can catch those changes in cells early on and take the next steps to prevent cervical cancer or human papillomavirus. This, of course, is beneficial to a woman’s health but is also especially important to women who have children.

Q: When does a woman need to go get a Pap Test and how often should she get one?

A: Women should be getting Pap Tests between the ages of 21-65 and they should be going in to get one once a year to every three years.

Q: How does a woman know if her Pap Test is not normal? What should she do?

A: The test results will be able to show if the cervix has any abnormal cells or diseases. It does not mean a woman has cervical cancer. When the results come in and there are changes in the cells the patient’s doctor will be able to guide her forward with the next steps.

Q: How much is a Pap Test and where can I get one?

A: At our CHI pap health center, Pap Tests are around $30-$50. We work with our patients to make sure they get the tests and care they need and we work with most insurance providers. We have many locations in South Florida with health centers and programs like Project Screen for women between the ages of 50-64. We have midwives and incredible practitioners that are always willing to help.

Q: That’s great! Anything else you would like to share with women reading this about Pap Tests?

A: Sure! I would say don’t be afraid. Most women believe Pap Tests will be incredibly painful and they’re not. CHI is a health center that is here for everyone and is a place where all can feel welcome.

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