CHI Residents’ Research Gain National Attention

Dr. Jany Mesa and Dr. Mary L. Kewin

Dr. Jany Mesa (right) and Dr. Mary L. Kewin (left) stand in front of Dr. Mesa’s poster at the Florida Psychiatric Society. Dr. Mesa is the 2022-23 co-chief resident for CHI Psychiatry and Dr. Kerwin is the upcoming co-chief

Community Health of South Florida, Inc. medical and psychiatry residents are shaping the future of patient care and improving people’s lives through their research. In fact, their research is so compelling they have been asked to present at both state and national levels for organizations such as the Florida Psychiatric Society and the American Psychiatric Association.

“There are a lot of quality improvement projects in progress here at CHI,” said Dr. Mary Kerwin, DO, the upcoming co-chief resident of CHI’s Department of Psychiatry. “Everyone is doing impactful work, like practice-based research, to help the community beyond direct patient care.”

Dr. Kerwin conducted her own research, along with other residents in the program. It explores telepsychiatry and how effective it can be within Black and Brown populations. During the pandemic, many patients moved to telehealth services. Now appointments are offered both in-person and virtually. Dr. Kerwin and her colleagues are determining how telepsychiatry can impact patient care and how it can help CHI serve more patients. The aim is to create the greatest impact on their quality of life while conserving resources.

“Our residents have the opportunity to do practice-based research with real-world impact,” said Dr. Saint Anthony Amofah, CHI’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Academic Officer. “These are activities that make a difference in the lives of the patients we take care of. They’re ideas that have the potential to make a difference across the country. That’s powerful.”


CHI resident researchers have shared their noteworthy findings with important professionals in the industry and were awarded for doing so. Residents Dr. Stefanny Santana and Dr. Ashely Fleuristal won 2nd place for their presentation. They were also recognized for the impact of their research on weight loss in family medicine.

“This is what sets us apart—the practice-based research that makes a huge difference in the lives of the patients we care for,” said Dr. Amofah. “And it’s gaining attention.”

These opportunities improve quality patient care and attract first-rate residents nationwide.

It also offers residents practice-based learning, development of new skills, networking opportunities and recognition.

CHI residents are well-positioned to excel and shape the future of their careers.


Family Medicine:

Stefanny Santana Rivera, MD
Arshely Fleuristal, MD
  • 2nd Place Winners for Poster Presentation
  • 2021 Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award for your service project, “Community Health Weight Loss Initiative.”


Yeily Hernandez Mato
  • “Optimization of Statin Therapy in CAD in Community Practice”



  • “Is Telepsychiatry Effective for Racial-Ethnic Minorities in a Community Healthcare Setting?”


Tamara Fuerra, MD
Jany Mesa, MD
  • Neuropsychiatric Presentation of Temple Lobe Epilepsy: A case study


Olaocha Okwuadigbo, MD
  • Disparities in dementia care at US mental health care facilities: Analysis of US nationwide data from 2010 to 2020


Upcoming poster presentation on May 20-25, 2022
at the American Psychiatric Association
Somto V. Enemuo, MD
  • “Exploring the Association Between Electronic Wearable Device Use and Levels of Physical Activity Among Individuals With Depression and Anxiety”