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Romeena Lee, D.O., M.P.H | Resident, Class of 2021

I am the daughter of Chinese and Cuban immigrants, and I am the first in my family to become a physician. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Biology in 2007 from Boston University. While living in Boston, I worked at Massachusetts General Hospital as a project coordinator focusing on quality and compliance.


In 2010, I began volunteering with Boston Health Care for the Homeless at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Street Team Clinic. While I was not trained to provide medical care, I spent every Thursday handing out meal tickets and assisting a team. This experience ignited my passion for public health issues and was the motivation for my medical career.


In 2014, I received my degree in Master of Public Health with a focus on Public Health Practice from the University of Massachusetts. In addition to domestic public health initiatives, I traveled and lived in Honduras where I was a volunteer for the underserved population on sexually transmitted diseases and the importance of preventive medicine.
Then, I returned to Miami to attend medical school where I continued my public health initiatives. I coordinated and attended several medical outreach trips to Ecuador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. During my medical school studies, I trained at various hospitals such as Jackson Community Hospital and volunteered with local homeless care shelters. I was nominated for the Student Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine of the year. In May 2018, I received my Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


My experiences growing up in a family of immigrants, watching my parents learn English and struggling to build a life in a new country influenced me greatly. I am a self-described “foodie” because I love to cook for my family and friends. I am committed to practicing the art of medicine with integrity and compassion.

Ludonir Sebastiany M.D., M.S. | Resident, Class of 2022

I am an International Baccalaureate Program graduate of Southeast High who went on to play college football at Florida State University. I graduated from FSU College of Medicine, and I am now a resident at Community Health of South Florida, Inc. specializing in Family Medicine.


After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a Minor in Chemistry from FSU, I worked as a medical assistant at Dermatology Associates of Tallahassee. From my experience as a medical assistant, I have learned that attention to detail is critical in the art of medicine.


After a year of medical experience, I returned to alma mater to earn my Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences. During medical school, I certified an autism screening tool in the primary care pediatric setting to improve earlier detection and outcomes in children. In the future, I hope to utilize my fluency in Creole, French, Spanish, and German to improve the health of individuals, both foreign and domestic.

Patchouco Theodore | M.D. Resident, Class of 2022

Originally, I was drawn to electrical engineering. But I discovered my passion for medicine while I was completing my bachelor’s degree. I devoted myself completely to healthcare after the 2010 hurricane that devastated my homeland, Haiti.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Miami. Rather than sticking with engineering, I went on to enroll at Windsor University, and I earned my Doctor of Medicine degree. I simultaneously enrolled at Davenport University, where I earned my MBA in Health Care Management. I am currently completing my postdoctoral Family Medicine Residency at the Brodes H. Hartley Jr. Teaching Health Center at CHI. Due to the unique path that I have taken towards becoming a physician, I have a broad and rich perspective of what it takes to care for people effectively.


While attaining my doctorate on the island of St. Kitts and Nevis, I had the opportunity to interact and care for a direly underserved population. Having grown up in Haiti, I understood from a young age what real suffering looked like, and I consider it a calling in my life to help the sick and dying.


My mother always encouraged me to apply wholeheartedly to my education, be confident in my gifts and abilities and insist on my responsibility to serve others. Although my path to become a physician has not been a straight line, I am ready to make an impact on others through all that I have learned.

Katina Richardson, M.D. | Resident, Class of 2023

Katina RichardsonI earned my medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine and my Bachelor of Science in Biology from Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida.


Although I was born in Texas, I was raised in Germany, Turkey, England and Illinois. While studying at FAMU, my continued interest in seeing the world and experiencing different cultures, paired with my desire to serve. This led me to enlist into the United States Air Force, where I served for six years.


During my many travels, I discovered my passion for serving the community. I followed this passion at Ross University School of Medicine while serving disadvantaged areas in Dominica. I also served as a research coordinator at Washington University School of Medicine within the Division of Public Health in St. Louis, Missouri and subsequently in clinical research within Pulmonary and Critical Care. I coordinated several research projects with the primary objective of reducing healthcare disparities in Prostate Cancer patients.


I chose Family Medicine as it manifested a strong sense of community. I love that this field knows the value of building strong relationships and the importance of truly getting to know each patient. Outside of Medicine, I truly enjoy outdoor adventures, traveling and cultural immersion, and spending time with my family.

Stefanny Rivera, M.D. | Resident, Class of 2023

Stephanny Santana RiveraI was born and raised in the western part of Puerto Rico in a town called Mayaguez. I attended the University of Puerto Rico, where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology.


Later, I went to the island of St. Kitts and Nevis, where I attended the University of Medicine and Health Sciences and graduated in 2019. At the same time, I attended Walden University online, where I obtained a Master of Healthcare Administration. I am currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Public Health. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a physician. While doing my rotations in medical school, I realized I enjoyed the patient-physician interaction. That’s when I understood that family medicine would be the best choice for me.


I was also the founder of an association to help underserved children with afterschool activities such as tutoring, sports and arts. This allowed me to work with underserved and helped steer me towards family medicine as well. As president of the American Medical Women’s Association, I organized different health fairs in St. Kitts, and provided healthcare to people who had never seen a physician before. This experienced opened my eyes to access to care and prevention of disease. All these opportunities helped me grow into the person I am today. I’m excited about this opportunity to provide care as a Family Medicine Resident at CHI.

Laura Mustieles, M.D. | Resident, Class of 2023

Laura MuetielesAt a very young age, I used to accompany my father, who is an ENT, to his clinic days. Since then, I knew I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. I earned my Medical Degree from La Universidad de Zulia, in Maracaibo, Venezuela. After graduating, I worked for a year in a rural setting, where I had the chance to work as the only attending physician in the outpatient center.


During that time, I treated patients of different ages and socioeconomic status. I had the opportunity to follow them until their recovery enriching my decision of becoming a Family Medicine Doctor. Being able to follow up throughout the life of a patient is priceless for me. I would like to keep treating a broad spectrum of diseases that could be treated in the family medicine environment.

Franklin N. Ezeh, M.D. | Resident, Class of 2023

My interest in Psychiatry was fortified by my natural ability to counsel individuals and modify behavior, both as an educator and as clinical staff. I am very passionate about providing mental health services to individuals who have limited access to professional care.


I completed my degree at the University of North Texas and served as an inner-city alternative school educator before to attending Ross University School of Medicine. I have years of experience in Quality Improvement with an ongoing pursuit for better health outcomes through technology and big data. I also have attained a Certificate of Applied Informatics from the School of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Health Science Center in Houston.
My interests range from gardening, cooking, music, carpentry and automotive works. I consider my greatest strengths to be my positive energy, my duty to serve and my sense of humor.


“The sense of humor is the oil of life’s engine. Without it, the machinery creaks and groans” – G. S. Merriam

Gabriella Edington, M.D. | Resident, Class of 2024

Gabriella EdingtonI am a medical resident in the Psychiatry Residency Program in the Brodes H. Hartley Jr. Teaching Health Center at CHI.


Since I was young, I had a passion for mental health. It became a mission of mine to help others with mental illnesses to better understand their condition and receive the support they need. I believe that extending compassion to ourselves and others is a crucial step towards healing our communities.


I received my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Florida and my Medical Degree from Florida State University College of Medicine. While in medical school, I had the opportunity to work with patients from a variety of backgrounds. It was during this time I developed a passion for serving underserved populations.


Raised in Florida, I am excited to continue my training in the Sunshine State, and I am eager to serve the Miami-Dade community. I am also thrilled to be pursuing my dream of becoming a psychiatrist. I greatly enjoy encouraging and empowering my patients to never lose hope, to keep striving to achieve their dreams and goals and to find peace.

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