Marsh McLennan Agency: Welcomed to Founders Society for Support of Children’s Crisis Center

In South Florida, Marsh McLennan Agency is a prominent division of the world’s top insurance and risk management broker. The agency has stood out not just for its business prowess but for its deep commitment to community welfare. Catering to local middle-market clients,  they have a team that focuses on safeguarding human services and nonprofit healthcare organizations.

In 2018, Marsh McLennan Agency and Community Health of South Florida, Inc.’s partnership began on business terms as they evaluated CHI’s insurance costs and determined strategies for financial efficacy. The relationship has evolved to more than simple business. The underlying mission and values of CHI struck a chord with Marsh McLennan Agency, leading them to become supporters of that mission.

“CHI is an incredibly effective organization that has made a significant impact in improving the health and well-being of our community,” said Steve Light, Senior Vice President of Business Insurance at Marsh McLennan Agency.

Over the years, Marsh McLennan Agency’s support of CHI has grown, helping initiatives such as the Children’s Crisis Center, which will be a place of healing for kids with severe mental illness. This 11,400 sq. ft. building will feature a 24-hour in-patient unit that can hold up to 20 kids at once and around 1,000 every year. It will also offer outpatient services, making ongoing care more streamlined.

Mr. Light says that Marsh McLennan Agency took notice of how much the pandemic has affected mental health, especially in children and teens, which drove the organization to support the campaign. “It’s a major crisis facing the community and CHI is so well positioned to effectively address the problem,” he said.

In honor of their outstanding generosity, Marsh McLennan Agency will become the 6th inductee of The CHI Foundation’s Founders Society, a giving society that pays tribute to CHI’s pioneering founders—a committed group of civic and civil leaders who united to improve the quality of life of South Florida’s residents.

“We are grateful for this honor and to raise awareness of this critical cause,” said Mr. Light. “We are thrilled to be able to help the community both the business community and individual community members, as they look to create a safe haven for children in need of mental health treatment, support and continuity of care.”

Looking ahead, Mr. Light says Marsh McLennan Agency is committed to its relationship with CHI with the hope that the organization can not only provide support for future campaigns but also continue helping CHI operate as safely and efficiently as possible. 

“I recommend that all community members familiarize themselves with CHI,“ said Mr. Light. “Once you see not only what CHI is doing, but how broadly they impact the community—I think you’ll be impressed.”

To learn more about the Children’s Crisis Center and show your support, visit

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