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Derys at the Doris Ison Health Center

Kettley Derys

Kettley Derys has been a dedicated Patient Advocate at CHI for 30 years. As an advocate, she works directly with patients to ensure that their medical needs are met. This includes providing emotional support to patients, offering transportation assistance to CHI health centers and helping them schedule their appointments. Based at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Clinica Campensia Center, Derys also travels to other CHI locations and attends OB/GYN appointments and births at Homestead Hospital. Over the past 30 years, she has enjoyed interacting with patients and helping those who are in need. Derys is passionate about helping others, especially through the COPE program that assists teenage mothers who are still in school. Derys cherishes time with her family, enjoys swimming, and loves to read.

Dr. Mitra Shafieian joined CHI in 2015


Dr. Mitra Shafieian

Dr. Mitra Shafieian is a board-certified pediatric doctor at CHI’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Clinica Campesina Center. Dr. Shafieian got her start at CHI in 2015 at the Tavernier Health Center before transferring during the pandemic. She provides care to patients ages newborn to 21 years old, mostly serving the migrant population. She prides herself on being a bridge to comprehensive care for her patients when they visit CHI. It gives Dr. Shafieian great satisfaction to serve others who may be uninsured or underinsured and have nowhere else to go. She values working not only as a team but as a family with fellow staff. Dr. Shafieian grew up and studied medicine in Iran and has two loving sons whom she loves dearly. When she is not serving her community, she spends her time walking, reading and cooking.