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Senior Deputy Chief of Security, Alfred Parker, outside the Doris Ison Health Center

Alfred Parker is CHI’s Senior Deputy Chief of Security and is otherwise known as “Chief Parker.” He began his career at CHI 21 years ago as a security officer. For two decades, he has dedicated his efforts to protecting staff and patients, creating a safe environment for all who walk through CHI’s doors. As Senior Deputy Chief, his duties include overseeing his security staff and reporting findings to the Chief of Security. Chief Parker thrives amidst the unique challenges of his job, finding joy in teamwork. With years of security experience, his role feels like second nature to him now. His primary goal is to advance CHI’s security department to better safeguard patients and staff members. Chief Parker enjoys working out, fishing and relaxing during his free time.

Alexander Guzman, RN, at the Doris Ison Health Center

Alexander Guzman, RN, serves as a registered nurse at Community Health of South Florida, Inc. (CHI). He has worked at the Doris Ison Health Center for 4 years, initially starting as a volunteer. Guzman began his nursing career in 2018 after retiring from the hotel industry for 6 years. As a young child, he always had a desire to pursue nursing. He made that dream come true when he attended nursing school at Florida Career College and obtained his nursing license. Guzman is fulfilled knowing that he is working for an organization that takes care of the community and hopes to continue the mission that Doris Ison started more than 50 years ago. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Guzman spent a few years in New Jersey when he first immigrated to America. He enjoys traveling, skiing and being with family and friends.