New Remote Patient Monitoring Service Helps Patients and Doctors

CHI will give patients devices to take home
and assist with monitoring their health.

A new remote patient monitoring service will give patients and their providers better control over their health this summer.

CHI’s free remote patient monitoring service allows patients who are managing diabetes, high blood pressure or are on a weight management plan to use technology in their own homes to track their progress with their provider—at no cost.

In partnership with WithMyDoc, CHI will send patients home with medical equipment like a blood pressure cuff, blood glucose meter or a body composition analysis scale. That means patients can frequently check and report their health data between visits with their providers.

“This gives providers more real-time information,” said Peter Wood, CHI’s Vice President of Planning and Government Affairs. “If the condition is getting worse, then the provider will know immediately as opposed to two months later when the patient comes in.”

Because the service allows for more real-time reporting, patients don’t need to travel to their health center as often. This is a relief for some patients who cannot arrange transportation as easily as others.

“It’s going to make their appointments more effective and create a partnership with their doctor,” said Carine Astree, a CHI care coordinator. She said the service will encourage patients to take a more active role in their treatment. “It helps the patient own their care.”

Patients will get proper training on how to use the equipment. They will also learn how to send reports using a Bluetooth-enabled tablet, which is also provided free of charge through the program.

“Patients are communicating more often with their care team which will improve patient outcomes,” said Wood. “This technology is allowing us to provide care more continuously.”

The remote patient monitoring service will be offered in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole this summer and eligible patients will be invited to enroll.