CHI Introduces Dental Residency Program

Dr. Richard Lipscomb, Jr. joins CHI as Dental Director for the Brodes H. Hartley, Jr. Teaching Health Center.

A new chapter unfolds for the Brodes H. Hartley, Jr. Teaching Health Center with the introduction of a dental residency program. Leading the way is Dr. Richard Lipscomb, Jr. who was introduced as the new dental director for the program. With a vision for excellence and commitment to nurturing the next generation of dental practitioners, Dr. Lipscomb, Jr. brings more than 23 years of experience, elevating the program to new heights. This marks an exciting new chapter for Community Health of South Florida, Inc. (CHI) and aspiring dental professionals alike.

“I am excited to join this new dental residency program,” said Dr. Lipscomb, Jr. “I worked previously as a dental director in Washington, D.C. and my desire is to pass on what I have learned throughout my career to these residents.”

The residency will be recognized as an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program and will accommodate four dental residents, including two first-year residents and two second-year residents. During this two-year residency, there will be a blending of curriculum learning with hands-on clinical experience, making sure that residents are equipped with the skills and knowledge for success in their careers.

“They will be learning everything from oral surgery, extractions, root canals, and more,” said Dr. Lipscomb, Jr. “I want to make sure that they receive a great education, and I envision that they will see patients, really getting into the grind of dentistry.”

Dr. Lipscomb, Jr. notes that dentistry has its unique challenges compared to family medicine and behavioral health. The profession demands physical endurance, with dentists often spending long hours performing procedures using drills and other tools that can put strain on the body. He plans to reinforce to residents the importance of monitoring their health and practicing proper techniques when on the job.

“This is just the beginning of their journey,” Dr. Lipscomb, Jr. said. “If you want to work in dentistry for a long time, the biggest thing is focusing on your well-being. I try to instill these details so that their career will be less stressful on the body for them.”

The program’s mission is to expose residents to every detail of providing dental care in a community health center setting, particularly for underserved populations. By immersing them in diverse clinical environments, they will gain invaluable experience and develop a deep understanding of oral health care.

“There is a need for more providers in underserved areas,” said Dr. Lipscomb, Jr. “If we can make residents aware of that need and their heart desires to go in that direction, that is great!”