CHI Celebrates Women Who Inspire During Women’s History Month

CHI’s founder, Doris Ison, continues to be an inspiration. She was a visionary dedicated to improving healthcare in South Florida.

March is Women’s History Month, dedicated to celebrating women’s important contributions in history.   At Community Health of South Florida, Inc. (CHI), women are recognized every day, as CHI would not exist without the sheer will and passion of one very special woman, Doris Ison.  

Ison’s fearless attitude, advocacy and dedication to bring health care to African-Americans in South Florida was the catalyst that mobilized local and state leaders in the 1960’s to expand healthcare access. Her efforts were part of the monumental movement for the rights of poor and disenfranchised people across South Florida and led to the creation of CHI. 

Ison was an activist blessed with strength, determination, and intelligence.  She knew that situations could always change for the better if we unite and do what is right. Today, she would likely be extremely proud to see how her seeds of hope have grown to care for tens of thousands of patients each year. In 2020 alone, CHI served nearly 80,000 patients throughout its 11 health centers, mobile medical and dental units, and school-based programs. 

In honor of Doris Ison and all the women who have made selfless contributions to help others, CHI will roll out a special Women’s History Month fundraising campaign. The funds will help build the first comprehensive Children’s Crisis Center in southern Miami-Dade County.

“This is a meaningful way to show appreciation to the women we have always looked up to,” said Victoria Castro, Director of Development at CHI.

“Many of us have had the privilege of having women in our lives, like Doris Ison. These women have provided time, dedication and support and changed our lives for the better. 

These special women never ask for acknowledgment, but I think it is time we show them how much we admire them.”

The campaign provides an opportunity for people to donate in honor of the special women in their lives.  This could be your mother, your friend or even someone you never knew personally but whose life story gave you the confidence to be the real you.  

“I have had amazing women in my life.  However, I immediately think to honor my professional mentor and friend, Marsha P. Kegley,”said Castro. “She made a huge difference in my career path. She encouraged me and saw my talent even before I could. She continues to inspire me today.”

We encourage everyone to donate to the Children’s Crisis Center and honor that special someone.  These donations symbolize the support and encouragement you received and will now be passed on to thousands of children in need. 


To donate please visit: