Farhana Yaqoob Khan, MD

TITLE: Doctor
SPECIALTY: Family Medicine
SUBTITLE: Doctor of Medicine, MD
LOCATION: Doris Ison Health Center

Dr. Farhana Yaqoob Khan achieved her MBBS (Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine) from Fatima Jinnah Medical University, renowned for its commitment to empowering women in healthcare. Growing up in communities where women’s rights were limited, she was determined to defy norms. Dr. Yaqoob Khan upbringing in underprivileged communities drove her to prioritize equal healthcare for all. She works closely with underserved populations, promoting preventive health and fostering connections. This led her to specialize in family medicine, aiming to nurture both physical and emotional well-being.

Born in Pakistan, Dr. Yaqoob Khan enjoys baking cakes. She also channels her creativity into arts and crafts, indulging in hand embroideries, embellishments, and interior designing. These passions reflect her holistic approach to life, mirroring her commitment to bridging healthcare disparities in marginalized communities. Through her resilience and dedication, she serves as an inspiration to countless young girls, empowering them to pursue their dreams with dignity and determination.

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